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  • Accomodation

    List of recomended accomodation close to Mirakulum can be found HERE

  • Before the visit

    All useful information you need before visiting Mirakulum HERE

Before the visit

Despite the fact that the Mirakulum Park is liberal to many activities, we would like to really ask you to keep following bans: forbidden entry with animals, forbidden entry with bicycles, scooters and push bikes, forbidden smoking outside of zones for smokers.

Park Map

Opening hours

  • The Park is opened daily from 10:00 to 18:00

Entrance fee

  • The entrance fee is for the whole day
  • The entrance fee shall be paid by all persons, who are 90 cm tall and more
  • The entrance fee for a person taller than 90 cm is 250 CZK
  • We accept cash (CZK) and debit or credit cards

How can you find us

Mirakulum Park, Topolová 629, Milovice, Nymburk, Czech Republiv (GPS: 50°14’17.365″N, 14°51’36.189″E)

Public transport

  • By train to the Milovice station and then bus no. 432 to the Mirakulum station – available daily
  • By bus, Milovice is included in the PID (Prague Integrated Transport) – singe ticket, the bus line 432 (available daily) to the Milovice station is fully integrated with the schedule of the ČD
  • On bike – cyclists are welcome

What to take with you

  • Flashlight to underground corridors
  • Sports clothes and shoes for yourselves and children, swimsuits (swimming diapers for small children)
  • Spare clothes for children
  • Blanket or other thing for a picnic
  • We offer a variety of refreshments in the Park, however you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks
  • Baby carriage for the sleeping after lunch
  • Pick up hand bands for your children at the entrance and you shall write your phone number on them. If your child will be lost, we can find you quickly.


The Mirakulum Park offers many stands with different types of refreshments – the wide selection of food and drinks. Ready meals, Pizzeria, Fish restaurant, Sweet shop, Hotdog, Fast food, Coffee bar, soft serve ice cream and others.

Train ride and Infantry combat vehicle (“BVP”)

Next to the Park is located the Tank training ground Milovice. Train rides and rides in an infantry combat vehicle are paid separately. You can find more information HERE.

Accommodation in the surroundings

Unfortunately, the Mirakulum Park does not provide any accommodation. However, you can find the sufficient amount of hotels and guest houses around the Park.

Assistance dogs

Visit with an assistance dog must be negotiated in advance on the email address park@mirakulum.cz. We would like to thank you for the understanding of our effort to ensure clean and safe environment for the smallest visitors.

Medical service

In the Mirakulum Park is always present a professional medic. You can recognize such medic because of the typical yellow vest. You can call them on the phone number +420 734 255 023.

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