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  • Before the visit

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Celebrations and grilling

The Mirakulum Park is the ideal environment for family celebrations, children parties or closed grilling and barbecues. There are available closed grill spots, Apple juice factory and even the Chapel for bigger celebrations.

The Apple juice factory, Chapel and grill spots are the ideal place for undisturbed family or group grilling. We also offer complete facilities, appliances etc. However, you have to bring your own meat or vegetables for such grilling or you can ensure such services from the local owners of gastro stands. We will be happy to assist you.

The reservation must be done via e-mail and it is valid only after the written confirmation of the Mirakulum Park production.

Contact e-mail: park@mirakulum.cz

We are accepting e-mails only in Czech or English, mention “REZERVACE – EN” as the subject of your e-mail

Financial conditions of leases:
   – Apple juice factory with a grill (inside and outside area, furnished with a fridge):  1500 CZK for a day + refundable deposit 500 CZK
   – Grill spot with the use of grill: 300 CZK for a day + refundable deposit 500 CZK for the grill tools

Grill spots
Suitable for small celebrations and toasting of sausages. Your grill spot is enclosed with a hedge, which provides sufficient privacy and which separates your spot from other grill areas. Mentioned grill spots are open-air, but we are able to prepare a parasol for you at written request in your order.

Apple juice factory
The Apple juice factory will amaze you by its look. It is suitable for medium family celebrations and it offers also the inside place with a fridge and running water with the exception of outside grill and seating.

The Chapel is suitable for big family celebrations or smaller corporate events. It offers a vast outside space with the sufficient amount of tables and space for 100 persons. The Chapel includes also the inside room with a round table, which is ideal for meetings.

2000 CZK + refundable deposit 500 CZK