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Visiting rules

The children entertainment park is in compliance with the ČSN – EN norm 1176 Mirakulum Park, Topolová 629, 289 24 Milovice, Czech Republic

In the Park is allowed to:
– step on grass and make picnics
– manipulate with an open fire only in designated areas
– bring your own food

In the Park is forbidden to:
– eat food in the Water world
– enter with animals
– smoke outside of smoking zones (this ban is valid also in the Water world), this ban shall be applied also on electronic cigarettes
– damage and pollute areas, equipment and facilities
– use any facility, if its surface is covered with frost or slippery or if it is found to be defective

– in hot weather a surface of playing facilities may be heated up to the temperature, which can cause burns on touch: a supervising adult shall check the temperature in advance and not allow a child to use the attraction, if necessary
– use playing elements in cycling safety helmet
– use the big toboggan in the castle by children younger than 10 years
– consume narcotics and own alcohol
– feed animals with your own feed, attacking them or entry to stables, quarters and sheds, feeding and entry to donkeys
– enter with bicycles, scooters and push bikes (bicycles can be locked at certain spots near the entrance)
– bath without a swimsuit, children, who cannot ask to go to a toilet, must wear diaper swimsuits in the Water world

-Stay in the Park is at user’s sole danger, parents, responsible person or other persons are responsible for their children.

-In case, when you or your children will be injured or if you will witness such event, then – please- immediately contact the permanent medical service on the phone number mentioned in the park or report any accident at the cash desk or to any employee of the Park (reflex vests). Thank you for your interest in the events around you!

Visitors must:
– respect the Visiting rules and instructions of responsible employees of the Park
– behave politely and in a disciplined way, so you will not threaten yourselves and others
– keep tidiness (we would like to thank you in advance that you are using recycle bins)

-Smoking outside of smoking zones is strictly forbidden in the Park with the risk that you can be expelled from the Park without any compensation of the entrance fee. This ban shall be applied also on electronic cigarettes.

-The operator of the Park shall not be liable for any loss user’s property.

-You have to use only designated toilets – WC.

-The operator shall have the right to not start the Water world or its part according to the weather and attendance of the Park.

-Children younger than 12 years shall wear a hand band with a phone number of their parents or other responsible person, which is accompanying such child in the Park. You will receive such hand bands free of charge at the entrance to the Park.

-The season tickets are non-transferrable and their user may by requested to identify themselves at any time to verify their name.

-The operator shall have the right to modify the programme or cancel it at any time without any notification.

-If you will see that anybody is damaging the greenery or playgrounds, then report it, please, immediately to employees of the Park.

-Vouchers are valid for all opening days with the exception of special events announced in advance.

-The operator shall have the right to close certain elements or parts of the Park, if it is necessary or because of operational reasons. The operator shall also have the right to open only the necessary amount of refreshment stands according to the attendance.

-A ticket is valid only for one person and day; it is not possible to enter the Park multiple times in one day. The entrance fee does not include the fare for the narrow-gauge railroad or rides in an infantry combat vehicles or other machinery provided by the Tank training area Milovice.

-We would like to thank you that you are following the Visiting rules and you are helping with a relaxed stay in the Park for yourselves and others and with additional improvements in the Mirakulum Park.

Valid until the end of the season 2018.