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You can go through the current map of the Mirakulum Park here.


The Water world oasis is a unique water piece of work, which brings unusual entertainment to small ones and big ones. This refreshing attraction is not based on the principle of bathing, but playing with water.

First and the biggest part of the Water world begins with a waterfall, which supplies water to this whole system. There are small rivulets and rivers running to all sides from the small lake under it and they can be stopped using dams by children and pools can be created, their flows can be changes and they can be even pumped using the Archimedes screws.

Second part of the Water world works with the moment of surprise. There are buckets placed at a height, which are gradually filled with water and then they are randomly overturned, which pours water over anyone standing under them. Children love this attraction!

In the third part we have prepared an area with fountains operated by a computer, which squirts from the ground and brings refreshing and fun to small ones and big ones.

And it would not be the Mirakulum Park, if we did not have the sufficient amount of seating places and relax areas for parents prepared in the Water world. Everything is hidden in a shade and it is executed in a way, so everyone can nicely relax there.



Between the Tank training area and the Mirakulum Park there is a unique narrow-gauge railroad, which is approximately 2 kilometres long. It is a copy of military field 760 mm railroad. Also the railroad fleet is fantastic. There is a steam locomotive from Florisdorf 1947 – it is an older Krauss model. Simply a two-axle beauty. It is supported by the couple of Poldi diesel locomotives. You can find more information on the websites of the Tank training area Milovice.

Visitors of the Mirakulum Park can try rides in armoured personnel carriers and other combat machinery. Boarding locations can be found on the map or navigation signs directly in the Park. Fees for rides in a “BVP” are not included in the entrance fee to the Mirakulum Park! When is it going?



The noticeable landmark of the Mirakulum Park is a wooden castle, which can be found even in the logo of our Park. Recently, we have even upgraded it! There is the new highest tower of the Castle located on the courtyard, which connects other towers by above-ground manholes. Prepare yourselves that your children will be overcoming height differences up to ten meters, hanging bridges, lookout towers or toboggan, which leads to the underground corridors of the Castle. We have also prepared the fun curving mirrors!



Have you admired zoo attractions, which are full of monkeys? So you can allow your children to do the same funny stuff in the climbing centre. Probably, one of the biggest climbing centres in the Czech Republic! You can find it in the Park between the Art workshops and the forest educative trail



The unique attraction for small ones and big ones! The bigger trampoline has dimensions 25 x 13 metres and you can be sure that you will find your child or children there immediately after the entrance to our Park… Currently, there are already three big trampolines in our Park!



The new centrepiece of the Mirakulum Park! Fantastically branched forest town with towers, climbing trails in tree crowns or vast underground corridors. And also other playground for the smallest visitors, variety of places to sit, amazing meadow in the shade of trees…



You do not have to doubt for which place children will search the most frequently.. It is our minizoo located in the back part of the Mirakulum Part. You can entry our fence with Holland mini goats and pet the animals.



Right in the middle of the Park are located four giant swings even for adults handing 12 metres above the ground with a swing around 20 metres. You have to try it to experience the real swinging



A “Black horse” of entertainment in the whole Park is more than half a kilometre of underground corridors, which are mixed under the central part of the Mirakulum Park. Get lost and found? The fun of today for the majority of children… And why we do not have any photos here? Because the corridors are truly in the absolute darkness!


Have you ever read the story about Ariadne’s thread, which helped Theseus to escape the complicated labyrinth, to your children? Believe that we have prepared more than one kilometre of paths in the imaginative maze in the Mirakulum Park.



In the land of Pigy the Pig there was created a marvellous colourful village intended for the smallest visitors. By its unique design it provokes children fantasy and it offers many nooks and small manholes, which the smallest children love so much. You can find here even a school and we have executed the village in bright colours.



Each weekend and public holiday there are theatre or musical shows in the Mirakulum Park, demonstrations of exercising with animals or magic shows. The capacity is approximately 600 sitting spectators.



Do you smell the aroma of grilled meat? It may come from spots in the upper part of the Park designated for family grilling or picnics. You can walk through gardens with 12 types of agriculture crops and many herbs, when their composition is always changed according to the season.



There has to be a sandbox, because children like it so much. We have prepared one really big sandbox to build castles and sand cakes!


The educative trail will include even aviaries and fences for forest animals. We are cooperating with the rescue station in the town called Pátek u Poděbrad, which cares about handicapped animals, such as does, badgers, foxes or birds of prey, including owls.


From the height of almost 5 metres to underground corridors. This is how you can describe the experience, which is waiting for you on these attractions.


The forest educative trail has the area of 4 hectares and it is particularly designated for primary schools and kindergartens. You can connect the visit of this majestic and rich colourful forest with the environmental education and biology.



Each weekend there are fine and art workshops on five hundred square meters of roofed space, which can be used as a giant playground for children and parents.



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